What is P42.VC?
We are a hardware incubator and a venture capital firm based in London, UK.
Who is behind P42?
We are an international group of forward thinking professionals driven towards introducing cutting-edge technology. We have our own private fund and a pool of institutional and angel co-investors who are our syndicates.
What can you offer?
The team of our R&D experts can offer assistance with electronics, components, DFM, IP and sourcing. Our commerce team can help you with branding, sales, crowdfunding and PR.
Will my business fit P42?
We are on the lookout for hardware tech startups and projects. Your product can be a plain hardware gadget, an integrated wearable or a mix of IoT and physical components. For example, recent projects that we like and would be interested to invest in: Bloom Technologies, Carforce and Prynt
How does the selection process work?
We select 10 projects from the set of applicants, discuss how can our expertise and infrastructure help your business and make an equity-based offer.
Do you search for the companies worldwide?
We are happy to consider applicants from all over the world, as long as you have an access to Skype and willingness to relocate to London.
Do you provide any funding along the lines?
Our incubation process leads to seed investment opportunity from the board of investors at P42 Venture Capital firm.
How much equity is involved in this program?
The first stage of the incubation process will involve 7-15%, depending on the amount of value we can offer in return.
How are you different from all other incubators in the UK?
We have in-house team of engineers with a unique skill set, latest CAD software and fully equipped workshop. We provide both monetary and non-mentary support.

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